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More than 700 professionals in their fields are contributing to the nation.

We offer the inquisitive mind a platform to placate their scientific thirst and tread new fields under the guidance of best mentor, through its numerous workshops. We provide a wide range of equipments to the students for their practical session, to compete with new and modern technology. Our vision is to create a center for imparting technical education of international standard and conducting research at the cutting edge of technology to meet the current and future challenges of technology development.

We provide our students opportunities to engage in design, workshops, project work, industrial training ,and team work to enhance the learning process, that is so vital for the holistic engineering education. With this they can develop skills of inquiring and exploring new ideas of their own.



Meet our Experienced Team of Doctors

Experienced doctors and Scientist form our medical staff

M.D. Samantha Willis

Medical Doctor Pediatry

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Ph.D. Phillip Sudders

Chief of Surgery

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Dr. Katherine Field

Chief of Oncology

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PhD. Mary Simons

Doctor of Philosophy

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Our Ideologies

The core focus of our Department

Analytical Mind

The profession of engineering is filled with problems. Therefore, it has become important to approach every task with an analytical mind. For this, the solution has to be developed so that all the requirements can be meet with less risk.

Creative Thinking

Engineering concept is all about solving problems or finding new ways to apply existing knowledge. It is considered as a creative process that attracts most of the budding candidates from all over the world. It can enhance the skills and experience required in the outside industry.

Attention to detail

The focus of a student increases the complexity of engineering industry. During the planning and construction process, an engineer need to possess a high level of attention to detail to ensure nothing important gets forgotten that could potentially derail the enterprise.


We seek to attract and motivate students with enthusiasm and interest in diversified fields so that they can pursue excellence e in research and technology transfer. We also aim to maintain high standard of education for the society.


We are targeted towards meeting or exceeding the expectations of the students by holding large business projects and making innovative contributions that can make positive impact on the society and the world.


The field is expanding its traditional boundaries. So, we are focusing in providing great opportunities to the do that students can explore and expand their skills and knowledge by driving force of innovation, Development and manufacturing in country.


What Alumni Say About Us

I am very thankful to the institution and the department of automobile engineering for providing a proper guidance at various level of my career. We were encouraged to participate in all the events conducted at All India Level. Here, I got practical experience and lots of motivation.

narendra jainnarendra jain
Narendra Jain
Ashok Leyland

My experience at Arya has been very rewarding. The faculties and the staff have been a blessing. They care so much about their students and push them to do their best. The classes offered by the department are very challenging at times, but I gained lot of knowledge from them.

Dheerendra PalDheerendra Pal
Dheerendra Pal
Assistant Manager
Ppap Tokai India Rubber Pvt.Ltd

I choose to attend Arya for the incredible integration of enclosures and academics with the ability to graduate in a timely manner. The department of Automobile is unbeatable. The entire curriculum features of automobile hands on learning as well as understanding the theory behind it.

nitish guptanitish gupta
Nitish Gupta
Service Head
Jaguar Land Rover