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Our strategy for Success

Providing one of the best technical experiences with dedication to best engineers or mechanics
Well-designed program

The designing and the development process of automobile engineering focuses on advanced technology and management study that offers wide range of industrial or career options.

Physical Dimensions

We focus on a special model that defines various artistic approaches which need to be transformed for the satisfaction of marketplace or industrial requirements.

Active Interactions

We laid great emphasis on providing continuous updates and intellectually stimulating environment for innovation and ongoing research, nourished by active interactions with the industry.

Practical Knowledge

We highlight a phase in automobile that requires a great range of practical experience to explore the world and the industry of textiles, machines, vehicles and many more.

International Standards

We believe in formulating and implementing standard practices that are transmitted at international level or base. It is required for the participation in the top management of the company with a base of machines and engines.


We believe in the concepts of developing consistency among engineers. Thus, fulfilling the responsibility and with increased consistency. It will embrace quality management and time-based competition reaching its highest peak in this industry.


We have envisioned the development of educational relationships with selected international institutions to continuously improve the co-curriculum quality & high scholarship programs. We intend to nurture an innovative & techno friendly environment of trust & respect, supportive, utilizing the latest technologies in teaching & learning process.


We focus on implementing various learned principles that can create knowledge and skills. It involves the empowerment of students in the process of continuous improvement. We have maintained a proper balance or the interaction between the industry and the institution for their encouragement towards interdisciplinary researches.


We believe in providing accessibility to the students in terms of academic excellence which can be achieved with continuous learning and student centric teaching. We think that quality education is the core of student’s career with the adaptation of discipline, integrity and trust throughout the entire learning process.

Leading the future of professionals through education system

More than 700 Automobile Engineers are nurtured & deployed in society

What Our Alumni Says About Us

I am very thankful to the institution and the department of automobile engineering for providing a proper guidance at various level of my career. We were encouraged to participate in all the events conducted at All India Level. Here, I got practical experience and lots of motivation.

narendra jain
Narendra Jain Engineer Ashok Leyland

My experience at Arya has been very rewarding. The faculties and the staff have been a blessing. They care so much about their students and push them to do their best. The classes offered by the department are very challenging at times, but I gained lot of knowledge from them.

Dheerendra Pal
Dheerendra Pal Assistant Manager Ppap Tokai India Rubber Pvt.Ltd

I choose to attend Arya for the incredible integration of enclosures and academics with the ability to graduate in a timely manner. The department of Automobile is unbeatable. The entire curriculum features of automobile hands on learning as well as understanding the theory behind it.

nitish gupta
Nitish Gupta Service Head Jaguar Land Rover